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About us
OMED VOYAGE is one of the pioneers among the "The international Air Transport Association (IATA)" approved Travel Agents.

Our highest priority is to serve our customers with world class facilities and services and make their travel hasel free. Therefore, we are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading travel agency in experienced staff. We offer you with lowest and reasonable prices compare to entire travel market. We are here to provide you with the best solution for all travel needs.

We are committed to fastest and smooth service to you in order to make you enjoy your travel and stays domestically and internationally. We can provide you to worldwide tour Packages and Hotel Reservation and we are experts in group handling.

Office & Branch

Omed Voyage Gabon

BP 11520, Centre Ville, Libreville - Gabon

Omed Voyage Senegal

Address: B.P 21262. 21, Rue Mohamed v x carnot Dakar(senegal)

Omed Voyage Benin

Address: C.No.137 Carrefour Missebo Cotonou - Benin

Omed Voyage Pog.

Address: BP 11520 En Face eglise saint paul. Port-Gentil Gabon.

Groupe Omed Voyage Mali

Address: IMM. Koumba Dembaga , Rue Al Qoods, Bamako – Mali

Omed Voyage Togo

Address: 14 Rue Koumore Immeuble GTA/C2A – Lome – Togo

Omed Voyage Congo RDC

Address: AV Mutombo Katshi No.776W 10-13 C-GOMBE KINSHASA- RDC

Omed Voyage Dubai

Address: JMD Tourism LLC – Part of OMED Group

Omed Voyage Malabo